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Planning - Our hardcore, strategic mapping of the vision  ensures that we put together the best product or production possible


Development - Its time to put our plans into ACTION! Sometimes long and tedious, but its no problem for us!


Publishing - The last and final act! Making sure the world sees what we have done and enjoys our work--making them smile--is what drives us to create!


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 With over 35 years of combined experience and training, our technicians love what they do, it is what they do. Many of our technicians pride themselves in their craft providing accurate and detailed execution of their respective crafts, giving it their all, and loving every moment of it, not letting anyone tell them any different.


With this experience and training behind us, we can ensure a top quality end product that will make any client give a big "thumbs up" and any on-looker gaze in amazement.

We always strive to maintain a balanced final product

We always strive to make every production an open forum. A comfortable and creative space where anyone can add in their opinion

Creativity and Artistry is at our core, it's what we live for!

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Ritu Bhat

Ritu Selects

I have worked extensively with Laurence and he knows exactly what I am looking for! Ritu Selects is glad to have him capture our designs and fabrics! Highly recommend him for any event or photoshoot anyone in Charlotte is in need of!

19 Feb 2015    18:54

Iesha Foxworth

Vice Styles

Excellent creative direction for my companies vision. Consistently and strategically helps build my design firms ad campaigns.

19 February 2016    12:56

Gail Myers


Wonderful professional, makes the pros and the newbies shine! Highly recommended!

8 MArch 2015    16:12

Mary Elizabeth Hicks

Heartfelt Fashion Assc.

We just had an out of this world engagement shoot done by The.TZ.Studio! Laurence captured some amazingly dreamy moments that we will cherish forever!

21 Feb 2016    20:15


satisfied client

 Seeing our clients happy, makes us happy and let's us know that our hard work was well worth it.


  We try our best to treat our clients like our own family, giving them the best that we have to offer and holding nothing back when giving our own reviews from start to finish.



  The longest and most gruelling part of the process but also the most rewarding. Depending on the project, development can take anywhere from 72hr so 8 months.


  We take our time when developing and designing, making sure to get every fine detail by not only by having it reviewed and critiqued by our staff and peers, but looking at it day after day, with fresh eyes.


 project concept

 Sitting down with our client and making sure we get their vision right is key, and something we pride ourselves on.


 Bringing ourselves to understand the clients mindset, we not only consult with our artists present, but our Public Relations and Brand Manager as well. This way, all basis are covered.



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